Land For Sale in Stevens County, WA

Stevens County is a densely populated area in the State of Washington. Within this county, you will find both rural and urban cities plus an overabundance of pristine nature. Stevens County also has a multitude of land for sale. If you are interested in purchasing property in Stevens County, now is an excellent time to buy, but only if you know exactly what you need. This means knowing if you are interested in waterfront property, farmland, hunting grounds, commercial development sites, camping grounds, or residentially zoned property. Presently, this county has a decent amount of available acreage for any intended use. Thus, once you have settled on the type of property, your next step before purchasing land in Stevens County is figuring out the best location for your land development plans and overall budget.

For instance, 6.03 acres of residential property in Marcus is $16,500. This particular piece of property also has nearby access to a boat launch. Yet, despite its acreage, price, and nearby access to the Columbia River, the property is somewhat secluded, being that it’s located in a town of only 189 people. Yet, if you like the amount of acreage and the price but need a bustling downtown district or a larger community, then you have a tough decision to make. Currently, any available land for sale in Stevens County with more than 1 acre, not located in Marcus, will cost you $19,600 and up. You can also find a few parcels with minimal acreage or a decent amount of square footage ranging from $17,000 for .29 acres in Marcus to $225,000 for 8,276 square feet in Loon Lake.

Find The Right Location in Stevens County

Obviously, a property’s location can have a definite impact on your budget and development plans. Yet, finding the right place or location can mean different things to different buyers and investors. For example, you can purchase 80 acres of lakefront property in Valley for $640,000. This sizeable parcel of land has a private freshwater lake, utilities installed, and enough room for a lodge, vacation home, or camp. Valley, however, has only 150 or so residents, but to a buyer who wants prime Stevens County lake frontage with room to build, this location is potentially perfect. Alternatively, a $499,900, 200-acre lot with rolling timbered land in the community of Evans may better suit your needs, and therefore population size or available nearby shopping aren’t determinative factors for you.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Land

Nonetheless, there are still a few factors that anyone purchasing land should keep in mind. For starters, centrality should factor into your overall property purchase. Here, Stevens County is rather spread-out, but its major city is Colville. Thus, regardless of your intended use, the land you purchase should be easily accessible from this major city. Another important factor is nearby development. For instance, let’s say you want to build a private wilderness retreat on the outskirts of Stevens County, but plans for public transportation, hospitals, schools, or commercial developments would dramatically reduce your level of privacy—it’s better to know before you buy.

Other important factors you should be mindful of when purchasing land include road proximity, the land’s general surroundings or neighborhood, and the realization that existing outbuildings or dwellings don’t matter—your true investment here is the land. For example, a 39.92-acre lot in Colville is only $219,900. This property has a sizeable barn and a secondary shed for storage, which is great. But, ultimately, what makes this particular property so valuable is its 39.92 acres, Colville location, active rock quarry, and available road frontage. Furthermore, most municipalities choose not to build schools or hospitals near an active quarry.

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