Stevens County

Stevens County, WA Real Estate

The real estate market in Stevens County is up-and-coming with more available property and affordable homes. Stevens County is a mid-size secret gem located in Washington state near the border of Idaho. This Washington county offers a diverse selection of newly constructed homes, pristine acreage, and rustic cottage/country-style farmhouse. The median price range for homes in Stevens is presently $197,900. Overall, the market here is up as home appreciation values have steadily been climbing in the last ten years. What’s more, the total cost of living is inexpensive in comparison to the US average, which is enticing for potential buyers.

Stevens’ available real estate, in terms of property, is also very assorted. Due to its location, Stevens County definitely has rural roots—ranches, farmland, fertile forests, and an abundance of wildlife. Yet, this county’s largest city, Colville, is home to thousands of people and the median age for a homeowner in Stevens County is approximately 33 years of age. Consequently, several cities within Stevens have bustling downtown areas—all teeming with young professionals and growing families. Moreover, the market for renters of all ages, on average, is high, which leaves the door open for more housing developments in the future.

Homes for Sale in Stevens County

In Stevens, you’ll find gorgeous single-family residences with sizeable acreage, rustic ranches, modern farmhouses, and custom waterfront estates. For instance, a single-family home with under 1 acre is available for purchase in Colville. This 4-bedroom, 2-bath turnkey home has 2,460 square feet of living space and is listed at $229,500. Situated on a corner lot, this house has lush landscaping, additional RV parking, an upgraded kitchen, and spacious bedrooms. A Colonial-style 1920’s single-family home is also on the market for $209,000 in Chewelah. This Colonial-style home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a 2nd level balcony, and a covered rear deck.

For $295,000 and up, there are also several waterfront properties in Loon Lake, Kettle Falls, and Colville. If you’re willing to spend a little more, then consider purchasing your very own Black Lake Frontage in Colville. This residential site has 2 magnificent homes, a private beach, a primary lakefront, and ample outdoor entertainment—all for $549,900. Alternatively, in Kettle Falls, you can purchase a luxury home with 20-plus acres of land and stunning panoramic views for $845,995. This luxury home has an indoor heated pool, a spa with a steam room, a lush greenhouse, a 2-story barn, and blossoming gardens.

Land for Sale in Stevens County

If it’s land, you’re looking for then Stevens County has you covered. Here, you can choose from a variety of property type including residential, ranch, undeveloped, hunting, recreational, commercial, waterfront, farm, and horse. In Kettle Falls, Springdale, Colville, and Fruitland for example, you’ll find tons of Washington acreage for an affordable price. Starting at just $15,000, 1.48 acres of undeveloped land can be yours in the beautiful countryside of Stevens. While residential property ranges from $26,900 for .33 acres to $224,900 for 26.59 acres. You can also buy waterfront property (lakefront, riverfront, beachfront, and more) for as little as $31,900.

On the more expensive side, land for farm, ranch, and hunting starts at $60,000 for roughly 40 acres. At its peak, prime ranch or hunting acreage can cost up to $499,000 for 200 acres. If you’re in the market for timberland, especially, several properties of land here range from $150,000 or more. Lastly, commercial property for sale in Stevens County is very limited and will typically cost you anywhere from $79,000 for .7 acres in Springdale up to $180,000 for 1.17 acres in Nine Mile Falls. Ultimately, whatever your potential use for all this acreage, you have plenty of options.

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