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  • 00 Olinger Rd, Springdale, WA 99173


    6.04 Acres

    00 Olinger Rd, Springdale, WA 99173

  • 00 Olinger Rd, Springdale, WA 99173


    5.09 Acres

    00 Olinger Rd, Springdale, WA 99173

  • 00 Olinger Rd, Springdale, WA 99173


    10 Acres

    00 Olinger Rd, Springdale, WA 99173

  • 43xx Springdale Hunters Rd, Springdale, WA 99173


    5 Acres

    43xx Springdale Hunters Rd, Springdale, WA 99173

  • 5067 B Rail Canyon Rd, Springdale, WA 99173


    10 Acres

    5067 B Rail Canyon Rd, Springdale, WA 99173

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Land For Sale in Springdale, WA

The town of Springdale has prime land for sale. Currently, there are 30 plus parcels on the market, and these properties won't last long. Much like its surrounding area, Springdale is an active town with access to all kinds of recreational sports and activities. As a result, purchasing property here is ideal for people looking to create their own outdoor playground or for people looking to invest in the booming tourism industry in Stevens County. With that being said, the majority of the land for sale in Springdale falls into two categories—recreational use and building (residential and commercial).

At present, there is more of an inventory for recreational land for sale in Springdale. With a population of fewer than 300 people, it is not too surprising that most of the available property for sale would be for outdoor sports and hobbies. Nonetheless, there is still some property available for building homes, operating farms, and so on. Moreover, like many other areas in the state of Washington, Springdale offers a plethora of available property for mixed-use. Overall, 17 plus land plots, designated for recreational use, are currently for sale in Springdale.


Land designated for recreational use can mean different things to different people. Generally, people assume recreation implies such activities as hunting, camping, and fishing. Though these activities all fall under recreation, other outdoor sports are including skiing/snowboarding, swimming, boating, hiking, horseback riding, backpacking, nature-watching, and more. Due to this non-exhausted list, land reserved for recreation can mean just about any sport or leisure activity. Nevertheless, Springdale has several available recreational properties worth highlighting. For instance, a 40-acre lot for $85,000 offers an abundance of wildlife and hunting.

Similarly, eight other properties in Springdale also have extensive acreage designated for hunting. These pristine properties range from $23,000 for a 5-acre lot to $85,000 for a 40-acre lot. Besides hunting, Springdale offers ample land for housing horses and horseback riding. These particular properties are also zoned for residential buildings such as outbuildings, barns, stables, sheds, and homes. These horse approved properties are reasonably priced, starting at approximately $30,000 for 10 acres. For instance, a 20-acre lot for $45,000 is quite the bargain. Moreover, this 20-acre lot offers ample privacy, level terrain for horses, barns, shops, and a home. This particular property is also a bit of a distance from town, thus making it perfect for scenic horseback riding.

Residential Construction

If you are looking for residential property for sale in Springdale, you still have plenty of options. For instance, you can purchase a private 20-acre plot for only $54,000. This beautiful parcel of land is level and has prime road frontage. What’s more, this property is also approved for recreational activities such as fishing in your own year-round creek and camping in the forested acreage. Another unique property for residential use is a 21.3-acre lot for $121,500. This picturesque property has meadowland, rural area, wooded land, Chamokane Creek running through a portion of the property, and reserved acreage for building your dream home.

Alternatively, if you are looking for commercial property for sale in Springdale, you might have better luck elsewhere. As of right now, there are no commercially zoned properties available in the Springdale area. There might be a few commercial parcels for sale just outside of town in places like Colville or Kettle Falls (the more prominent cities tend to have more of a downtown area/industrial area for shops, businesses, and restaurants). Nonetheless, Springdale is a thriving town with a growing real estate market, which means there will likely be more land designated for commercial use down the road.

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