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Giving Back

It is an honor to give back to the communities that have given us so much. We donate to a variety of causes including St. Jude, The Jim Krause Memorial Ride, and The Salvation Army. In 2019 we proudly launched our first annual scholarship. College is expensive and we hope to have a positive impact in one student’s life this year. The winner will be announced on the 15th of December every year. The deadline is the 1st of December. We hope to hear from you.

About Us

We are fans of architecture, photography, and real estate. Every week the writers, programmers, and contractors we work with see thousands of homes across the United States. Those houses, townhomes, and condos are verified for accuracy and organized into neighborhoods on our website. Every home is then re-checked daily to ensure we have the most current information. The same attention to detail is shown with the land and commercial real estate we have the pleasure of listing.

In each location, we work with our preferred Brokers and Realtors. These certified professionals take your experience offline with personal tours of each home. The first step to finding your perfect residence is to determine the type of home you are searching for. Do you want to purchase or rent your next property? If you are looking to buy, the next step is becoming pre-qualified for the purchase of the house, townhome, or apartment. This does not apply if you are a true cash buyer. If you are searching for an apartment, you will want to have your last two paychecks or records of your bank account deposits available. Vacation rental properties mainly utilize major credit cards or digital currency.

Before you close on the purchase of your home a home inspection will need to take place. An un-biased expert will look at every aspect of your your new property. They will typically have an in-depth checklist of items to test that includes installed appliances, water temperature, and various visual inspections. A report is provided to both parties to ensure full transparency. There will also need to be an appraisal of your future home. This independent expert will verify the value of the home being sold. The process is similar between custom estates, traditional houses, townhouses, and condos.

We are also ways looking for ways to bring you a better experience. Please send us any comments or suggestions you have.

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